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Welcome to Another-Fine-Scrape.
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Hello, I'm Steve Ridgway.  I'm based just outside Stockport, northern England. I've lived in the north west all my life and for as far back as I can recall I've enjoyed drawing. Can't remember life without it!
I've been working in Scraperboard, or Scratchboard, if you like, for over 30 years. What started as a curious, but very keen, interest in the work of Cheshire artist Bill Geldart led me to have a go myself, and the results of that are what you see here. Working in black and white is so refreshing - if a picture is striking enough to grab your attention and make you concentrate, then your mind will put the colours in for you. And your imagination will always be right!

I prefer to specialise in this medium almost exclusively, although over the years I've had fun experimenting with several variations and combinations, such as acrylics, wash drawings, and certainly airbrushing. The possibilities are endless - just have a go and see what happens.
Given the length of time it can take to turn out a particular image, it can be a bit daunting to make that first line on the board. Once that's over, though, it can be exciting to watch it slowly develop so that it matches the image you've got in your head. And there's real satisfaction in seeing that finished picture all framed up. At that point you can start to wonder how many hours you've spent on it since you gave up counting… Obviously, my pictures are worked from photographs. The dog and cat portraits here each took around six or seven hours, and even the most patient dog won't sit still for that long.
If you're happy with the illustrations you see, and you'd like to know more about them, or maybe enquire about having a picture done yourself, please drop me an e-mail, or give me a call. A unique pet portrait might be just the thing if you'd like something a bit different!
I'm also happy to come and give illustrated talks and demonstrations at art societies and groups - please drop me a line if you think I might be able to help you fill that vacant slot in your timetable!

Do allow at least four weeks for completion, though - this can be very important as Christmas approaches!
Please enjoy browsing the images, and do let me have your comments, whether for or against. They're all appreciated!
Here is my timelapse video for those who may like to see how the drawings are created.

This is Ruby the Highland Terrier.

Please like and share the video.